CIRCUTOR’s Electrical Energy Efficiency software (e3) is currently called PowerStudio and encompasses all of the tools needed to manage your power control equipment: from electricity, gas and water meters to reactive energy compensation systems and powerful power analyzers. 

PowerStudio is a simple, powerful and user-friendly software application, enabling the following:

  • Complete energy studies
  • Production ratios (energy consumption per unit produced)
  • Power quality management
  • Arrangement of the information obtained in graphic and table format

It enables complete energy monitoring of power analyzers, meters, earth leakage relays and total control of various magnitudes in the industrial process field.

PowerStudio, in conjunction with CIRCUTOR equipment and systems, adapts to your particular needs by providing tools for the supervision and control of your installations.



Software compatible with all CIRCUTOR equipment.

ico-m Measuring equipment

  • Converters
  • Impulse centralizers
  • Meters
  • Power analyzers
  • Voltmeters, ammeters, process indicators.

ico-p Protection equipment

  • Earth leakage relays
  • Earth leakage relays centralizers

ico-q Quality & Metering equipment

  • Multifunction meters
  • Power quality analyzers

ico-r Reactive equipment

  • Intelligent power factor correction regulators

ico-v Smart charge of electric vehicles

  • Smart electric vehicle charging systems


ico-plataforma Communications Platform
Service integrated with Windows®. Uninterrupted communications with units configured in the system.

ico-edicion Remote edition
Allows applications to be edited online, facilitating application editing tasks by integrators. This action allows for application editing, kilometres away, by means of an internet connection.

ico-consulta Real time remote query
Allows interaction with the communications motor, both for application viewing and parameter management.

ico-facil Simple

Extremely easy-to-use Software. No programming knowledge required to develop the applications.

ico-actual Current

64 bit technology compatible with:

  • Windows® 2003 Server
  • Windows® 2008 Server
  • Windows® 7
  • Windows® 8
  • Windows® 10

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